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RELEASE 1.0.3 Nears
Posted on: 2.18.03 @ 12:26 PM PST by: OStone
With a new outlook on user color selection 1.0.3 promises more colors for rendering. There is also a new borderless window that allows for more interesting linux usage. Of course there is always the standard collection of bugfixes and code optimizing. Look for this release by the end of this week. Also note that CVS is now running and Cann has joined the project.
Posted on: 2.13.03 @ 11:15 PM PST by: OStone
The filesystem issues now appear to be resolved. Linux is now supported under windowed psedo-full-screen mode. Also note that text errors have been fixed. Questions or comments can be directed to my e-mail or placed in the forums. Oh, because 1.0.2 is basically just a fixed version of 1.0.1 it is not recommended that you download the old release, as it is probably less stable.
Posted on: 2.5.03 @ 05:35 PM PST by: OStone
I just finished all of the main points for the second release of the system (namely an attempt at linux support).  If you get this system running on your Linux box in the next 2 weeks then send me an e-mail using the link to the left.
FractalView: Genesis
Posted on: 2.4.03 @ 11:28 PM PST by: OStone
There isn't much for me to say right now so instead I will urge all interested persons to go check out the site.

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